NiNi enjoys having guests!

My little Biedermeier house is a hospitable home! And since I love guests and like to get to know people from all over the world, I decided to rent a part of my home, when it is not used as a guest room for my family.

My hobbies are dancing, dancing and more dancing!
I enjoy Latin American, African, Indian and folk dances and have training in ballet, jazz, Indian temple dancing and many other dance styles.

I also like to sing mantras, songs from around the world, Christmas carols and even yodel.
When I have the opportunity, I gladly share my talents as a Caring Clown in nursing homes and hospitals.

Professionally, I am a publisher; an author of nutrition guides for mother and child, children's books and poetry collections; and a lactation consultant and nutritionist specialized in the field of weaning. If you would like an overview of my body of work or more information about the history and development of my publishing company, you can find it at

Contact me if you are interested in renting Apartment NiNi:

Ingeborg, Eugenie „NiNi“ Hanreich
Esterhazygasse 7/2
A-1060 Vienna, Austria
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tel, fax (+43 1) 504 28 29
mobile, whatsapp, telegram, signal (+43 699) 17 19 75 03